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Sanctuary Magazine article 2016

As HMHG dig on MoD land a couple or so members sit on the Holcombe Moor Conservation Group. This is sponsored by the MoD and involves many local bodies such as Local Authorities, environmental groups and, much more importantly HMHG, to promote the wellbeing of the land the MoD use for training.


This Conservation Group is one of many on the Crown Estates, and I bet there’s not many of you thought that a small part of Cyprus is still a Crown Estate. They were set up to help the military manage their precious land assets and have had an incredible impact on military land management thinking. Gone are the days when grass was shaved down to look neat and tidy, white painting anything that didn’t move and polishing any bit of metal. These days the watchwords are re-wilding and naturalism.


And as this revolves around the Military then there is, naturally, a competitive element. Each year the best Conservation Group project is awarded the Silver Otter award (we are past winners) and an annual magazine reviewing the more outstanding of the many varied projects upon which the groups are working. The magazine is called Sanctuary and we were asked to supply an article for this years’ edition on the growing importance of our dig at Bottoms. The proof of the article is attached.


If you want to read all the previous editions, including the one where we won the Silver Otter, then the link is https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/sanctuary.

Sanctuary 2016