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Lost Farms

Higher Ridge Farm (above) by kind permission of Bury Archives Service (ref:B04104). Below: Higher Ridge now

B04104 Middle Ridge Cinderhill2 working Cinderhill3 comp further meadows 1907 (640x449) (640x449) Hamlets Holcombe Head late 1960's (1280x916) Holcombe Head sale img028 (640x485) img029 (1280x868) more nook nook 50's poss nook 50's prob nook again holcombe head ex kathleen fitt Sundial dispersal holconbe head farm 1940s herbert and maggie 1 (807x1280)

HMHG are very keen to find any old photographs (preferably before the mid-1980's) of the buildings on the moor. Photographs of these farms still standing would help our research tremendously! If you have any - please contact us.

These are the ones we have found so far. A huge thank you to all those who have contributed. If you have not been correctly credited, please tell us and we will rectify it asap.

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Higher Ridge Farm

Middle Ridge:

Now and Then (1940's?: Unknown Source)

Lower Ridge Farm:

We do not have a photo of this farm standing.

Can you help?

Holcombe Head 2 (1280x960) SAM_0328 Cinderhill2 working

Holcombe Head Farm

Top two photos by kind permission of Kathleen Fitt

Right: Herbert & Maggie on their wedding day (courtesy of Kay Line & Jean Nimmo) Bottom right (1960's?) also by kind permission of Kay Line and Jean Nimmo

Cinder Hill Farm - b&w photos by kind permission of Jean Barritt


 - by kind permission

of  George Yates

Simons Sundial Cottage

Last farm standing? Only just.

Below Left - from a sale guide. Below Right - an empty shell still today

Left and Right:


In the 1980's and the 1990's.

(photos by kind permission of Margaret & Richard Bragg)

from ji 2 from ji 3 from ji 4 from JI 1

Clarke's Tenement

Lost Farms: These are four of the latest photos we have been donated - Can you help name the farms?

Left: West Mont.

Is this also one of the farms shown below?

Your help please.

Right: Further Meadows

- by kind permission of  George Yates

KFitt1 (1280x931) KFitt1 (1280x931) (2) KFitt1 (931x1280)

Three beautiful pictures by kind permission of Kathleen Fitt.

Right: Holcombe Head Farm in the background.

Below Left: Holcombe Head Farm?

Below Right: unknown location

Recently found photos (May 2013):

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