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Dover Chapel

On the Bank Holiday Tuesday June 5th, 2012, Greenmount Village held a special Jubilee Party. HMHG undertook lots of activities including: a metal detector treasure hunt for the kids, other childrens games and competitions and a big display of who we were and what we do.

As if that wasn't enough - we also did a Community Dig!

DC 5 (640x423) DC 2 (640x360) DC 1 (640x338)

Above: The site of "Dover Chapel" in 2012. Is there really something under here?

Below: Trench 1 - Slap bang on it first time! Who needs geophysics when you can interpret old maps?

Below 3: A few hours later - T1 has grown so that we could clearly see the outside of the wall and its base AND find the inside edge of the wall.

The dig was a success. We attracted lots of interest from passers by, got some people who had never dug before to join in and even signed up some new members!

So what is Dover Chapel?

The short answer is we don't know yet. That is one of the reasons we decided to dig it. We are currently researching the occupants of the building, but the records are confusing with names of buildings changing and the details of occupants sometimes being contradictory.


A few possibilities:

- It was a private chapel.

- It was an unrecorded meeting room for Dissenters.

- It was never a Chapel, it was simply called that as a mistake on an early map.

- It's name "Chapel" came from a corruption of another name.


We will continue to research and dig this intriguing site in 2012


The Next Dig HERE will be the weekend of September 29th & 30th, 2012

With a tour of the site at 4pm on the Sunday


The site of Dover Chapel is in the garden of a Private Residence.

There is strictly no access to the public. The site cannot be seen from any public footpath. If you are interested in visiting the site, you can do so as part of one of our digs ONLY. Sorry.

Dover Chapel finds

Above: The finds from Trench 1.  all from the first day's digging! (Later we found out that this was part of a midden).

Dover Chapel 29th July 2012 026 (427x640) Dover Chapel 29th July 2012 011 (427x640) Dover Chapel 29th July 2012 007 (640x427) Dover Chapel 29th July 2012 008 (640x427)

The Return to Dover Chapel

On the 28th and 29th July 2012 we started a full scale dig.

We invited members of the public to dig with us or just come and have a look at what we were doing. We had 33 different people dig with us over the two days and MANY more came to have a look.

Above: Fed up of having to call off digs due to the British Summer, this time we came prepared!

Above: A strange upright stone appears in Trench 3

English Summers!

Below: Trench 4 on 29th July 2012

It was underwater when we arrived and slowly filled up through the day!

Unfortunately, Fergusthewonderdog (our Marine Archaeologist) was not on site.

IMG_4657 (640x427) IMG_4627 (640x427) IMG_4643 (640x427) IMG_4649 (640x427) 025 (640x480) IMG_4569 (640x427) 029 (480x640) 28.07.12  Holcombe Moor Heritage Group - Greenmoun 051 (640x480)

Below: The front wall and flagstones in Trench 3

August 25th & 26th (Bank Holiday Weekend) - Guess what the weather was like!

Below Left: The path leading down to the original entrance of Dover Chapel that we found. And (below right) the entrance itself uncovered.

Below Left: Trench 1, showing the back corner of the building and drains running down both sides of the building. Below Right: Trench 3, the front path and the front wall.

Right: Finds washing. Only a few hundred more to go.


Below left (looking North),

Below Right (looking South): Trench 4, the front corner of the building which meets up with the corner in T1. Cutting under the corner of the building is a large ditch!

September 2012, The" last" trench is opened, another is extended, the rest are being recorded. Will all the questions be answered? Or will more questions appear?


And is that an EARLIER structure lurking underneath?


Can we find out in time before we have to backfill?


Will it ever stop raining?!

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