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Holcombe Moor Heritage Group is a group of volunteers with an interest in discovering the history of the Holcombe Moor area. Much of this area is owned by the Ministry of Defence, who are keen to learn more about their land and preserve its historical sites. The MoD has in the past funded several surveys, digs and other events on their site in conjunction with University Archaeological Departments and the HMHG volunteers.


Unfortunately, this funding has now come to an end, meaning that HMHG is on its own - having to raise its own funds and provide its own volunteers for any future research (although with the full backing of the MoD to still be active on their site). But with this new found freedom has come the opportunity to extend our area of interest to the "Forest of Holcombe" which takes in parts of Hawkshaw, Holcombe Brook and Greenmount.


HMHG was re-constituted as a company limited by guarantee in 2010, as part of the terms to lease Simon's Sundial Cottage from the MoD (alas this venture eventually failed to materialise much to the regret of all parties concerned). During 2014 HMHG ceased to be a company limited by guarantee - we are back to being an ordinary group of volunteers. We have an Annual General Meeting that is open to all members and where all officers are elected under the terms of our constitution. As a group we welcome any ideas from members and are particularly keen to hear from you if you think we can change things to make us serve the group better or appeal to a wider audience.


Like all such organisations, we are completely voluntary and sometimes other pressures may cause delays or errors to creep in to our HMHG work. Please be understanding should anything less than a perfectly run organisation occasionally occur. Better still, if you want to get involved just let us know. We are always short of volunteer helpers.


We hope you would like to join HMHG and get involved not only in your specific area of interest (perhaps local history) but also in other areas in which we are active.


The price we all have to pay is a £10 fee for a year's membership (£15 for a whole household, or £5 for kids) - this helps pay towards our insurance to have activities on the MoD land - such as digs (organised by the Archaeology sub committee) and walks. It also pays towards other activities such as the desk based research into the wills and surrenders of the people who lived on Holcombe Moor (organised by the History sub committee) and our website costs and other promotional activities.


We would love to have you involved.

That Dog Again Geophys HMHG

At the end of our first independent

dig at Bottoms Mill

Resistivity survey at Bottoms Mill site

Cinderhill - lunch (1280x960)

A well earned break at Cinderhills Farm dig

flag walls (1280x960)

The objective of the group is the “research, recording and communication of the history of Holcombe Valley”